Carbon Paste Oil base

Carbon Paste Oil (CPO) is prepared by mixing uniform-sized graphite powder and paraffin oil. This product is applied to Carbon Paste Electrode to have:

  1. Simple enzyme electrodes
  2. Chemically modified electrodes

It could not be used in an organic solvent. Keep the container closed to avoid contamination. Carbon Paste Electrode - Set Up

Carbon paste Oil Base

Catalog No. Description
001010 CPO Carbon Paste Oil base NET: 1 g

(equal to approximately 10 electrodes)

Preparation of Carbon Paste Electrode

Carbon Paste Oil_1 Used CPO in the electrode hole is removed using a small rod such as toothpick
Carbon Paste Oil_2 New CPO is filled into the electrode hole with a small spatula
Carbon Paste Oil_3 CPO is completely tamped into the electrode hole filling air spaces, and slightly heaped up above the surface of the hole
Carbon Paste Oil_4 The excess CPO above the hole is removed on a clean and at paper as shown in the left figure
Carbon Paste Oil_5 The surface of the electrode is moved to a clean area of the paper, and is polished using circular movement on the paper

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