Practical accessories for your electrochemical measurements

Probably some of you had the experience to take several days to prepare the sample, and in a wink, see the cell turn over, and your sample...
Thinking in this unexpected incidents, in this page, we squeezed some practical accessories that can make a big difference in your day-by-day of electrochemical measurement.

For liquid junction changing, when it got yellowish discoloration for the contamination caused by organics absorption.
012796 - Repair kit for Sample holder & Accessories
Repair kit for Sample holder & Accessories
It will avoid your cell to turn over during the setting or measurement.

Cell holder
Cell holder for 20 mL vial
For a tight space to avoid the contact between crocodile clips. Recommended for IDA electrode.

IC Clip
IC clip for printed electrodes

For the connection of ring disk and conductivity electrode.

Connector for printed electrodes.
Connector for printed electrodes
Spare o-ring for for 6 mm electrode (working, reference and counter).

Spare o-ring for 6 mm electrodes.
O-ring for CV electrode
For the protection of the working electrode surface, to keep away from dust and scratch.
Protection cap for working electrode.
Working electrode cap
Micro electrode cap

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