Spectroelectrochemical instruments and accessories


SEC2020 Spectrometer system
SEC2020 Spectrometer system

• Spectroelectrochemical measurements
• Analysis of solution properties
• File thickeness/composition
• Fluorescence detection
• Environmental (water and soil) analysis



SEC-C Spectroelectrochemical Cell

• Two varieties optical path length (0.5 and 1.0 mm)
• Designed to use the 6.0 mm reference electrode
• Two varieties of working electrodes (Au or Pt)
• Be able to use in a standard spectrometer


nolink,SEC-3F Spectroelectrochemical flow cell
SEC-3F Spectroelectrochemical flow cell

• Thin-layer cell measurement
• Variety of working electrode
• Connection to a variety of the optical fiber type spectrometer

Spectroelectrochemical measurement is literally a measurement method that combines spectroscopy and electrochemical methods. Until now, each device was independent, so there were some difficult points in actual application such as cell height adjustment and optical axis alignment. BAS, as a developer of both spectrometers and electrochemical analyzers, has utilized its know-how to offer a system that enables even first-time customers to make measurements easily.
SEC2020 Spectrometer system and Model 2325 Bi-Potentiostat

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