VC-4 Voltammetry cell

Capable for measuring of 1 - 3 ml of sample volume using electrodes with 6 mm of the diameter. Furnished holder prevents the vial from spilling.

  • Sample volume from 1 to 3 mL
  • Including specific cell holder
  • Fit the standard type (6 mm)
VC-4 Voltammetry cell

Catalog No. Description
011224 VC-4 Voltammetry cell
(011504) Sample vial (5 ml) 7 pcs
011226 Teflon cap for VC-4
011227 Cell holder for VC-4
002222 Platinum counter electrode 5.7 cm
(010537) Purging tube 30 cm

Working electrode and reference electrode are sold separately.
Each component could be purchased separately.
001056 Sample vial (20 mL) (10 pcs)
010537 Purge tube (ETFE) (1 m)

2 mL of sample is equipped into respective cell vials.
012672 Water-Jacketed glass cell (5mL)

Voltammetry cell - Line up

Cell Vial Line up
SVC-2 Voltammetry cell
SVC-3 Voltammetry cell
SVC-3C Voltammetry cell
Large volume voltammetry cell

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