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Preservative Vial

RE-PV Preservative vial

If the purchased or self-prepared reference electrode is left in direct contact with the air, the inside solution will evaporate and dry up gradually.
When it is not in use, the recommended way, in order to maintain the reference electrode capability and life time, is to preserve in a sealed preservative bottle with a solution, according to the reference electrode internal solution.
For example: 3 M NaCl for the preservation of the RE-1B Reference electrode.

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Catalog No. Description
012108 RE-PV Preservative vial for Reference electrode, 10 mL
011987 Teflon cap for RE-PV
- Screw vial 10 mL

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Reference electrode which RE-PV can be used

Catalog No. Description Junction Electrolyte
012167 RE-1B Reference electrode (Ag/AgCl) IPPG 3 M NaCl
013613 RE-1BP Reference electrode (Ag/AgCl) Ceramics 3 M NaCl
013691 RE-1CP Reference electrode (Ag/AgCl/Saturated KCl) Ceramics saturated KCl
013693 RE-2BP Calomel reference electrode Ceramics saturated KCl
013692 RE-2CP Reference electrode Ceramics saturated K2SO4
013848 RE-7N Non Aqueous reference electrode IPPG -
∗ IPPG: Ion Permeability Porous Glass                  

Efficacy to use the Preservative vial

Electrode RE-5 Non Aqueous reference electrode(Ag/Ag+) 【Old product】
A: Three electrode at left side Stored in a refrigerator for one month, kept in a preservative vial
B: Three electrode at right side Stored in a refrigerator for one month, kept in the same condition as the delivered product. The extremity liquid junction (IPPG, Ion Permeability Porous Glass) covered with protective cap, sealed with parafilm, and placed in a sealed bag.

The reference electrode storage way was compared, for condition A and B. After one month storage, when the electrode was storage in the way it was delivered, condition B (three electrode at the right side), the internal solution had reduced to half, and for the storage using the preservative vial, condition A, it was kept, without reduction of the internal solution, nothing changed.
In addition, when it is storage in the way it was delivered at room temperature, it was dried up in few days.

The experiment was continued, and for the result it was confirmed that it will be possible to storage the reference electrode for more than half year using the preservative vial, condition A, without changes. Please note that even with the sealed bag, it will dried up. For this reason, once the reference electrode is delivered, even it will not be used soon, put it in a preservative solution. And, for the storage, the preservative vial (012108) is recommended.

∗ The experimental results may have some discrepancy. In a practice, the result depends on the conditions of use.