Electrodes and Accessories

Three electrode method
ALS provides a wide range of products for electrochemistry and spectroelectrochemistry applications, as well as the basic three electrode type electrodes and cells for electrochemical measurement, IDA electrodes and glassy carbon materials.

Three electrode method:
A measurement method that combines three electrodes, working electrode, counter electrode, and reference electrode, which is a basic method of electrochemical measurement.
1. Make the potential of the working electrode constant with respect to the reference electrode using a potentiostat
2. The working electrode electrolyzes the sample of interest on the electrode
3. The current required to maintain electrolysis at the working electrode flows from the counter electrode
4. At this time, the potentiostat accurately measures the current between the working and counter electrodes
※ No current flows in the reference electrode

STARTER KIT for electrochemical measurements
※ All accessories required to start the electrochemical measurements,
except the reference electrode which can be chosen for the research purpose.

Practical accessories for your electrochemical measurements

Flow cell

Flow cell for electrochemical measurement
(Thin layer type electrochemical flow cell)

• Cross flow cell
• Radial flow cell

Flow cell for Quartz Crystal Microbalance measurement
• QCMT Flow cell kit

Flow cell for simultaneous electrochemistry and QCM measurement
• EQCMT Flow cell kit


Basic set for electrochemical measurements
• SK-2 Electrochemical accessories kit

For refreshment of working electrode
• PK-3 Electrode Polishing kit

For refill of carbon paste electrode
• CPO Carbon paste oil base (1 g)

Glassy carbon products
• Glassy carbon