Electrochemistry instruments


Rotating Ring Disk Electrode Rotator (RRDE-3) apparatus
RRDE-3A Rotating Ring Disk Electrode Apparatus Ver.3.0

• Operable as RDE abd RRDE systems
• Remote and manual controlled rotation and gar purge
• Compact design & Easy operation
• Spin coating


CS-3A Cell Stand Ver.1.1
CS-3A Cell Stand Ver.1.1

• Reduction of external electrical interference
• Gas purge ON/OFF remote control
• Manual and remote ON/OFF control of magnetic stirrer
• Reduction corrosion by using stainless steel tray

Model 3325

Model 3325 Bi-Potentiostat
Model 3325 Bi-Potentiostat

• High-performance and Compact design
• RRDE & SEC2020 control
• Wide applications
• Repetitive and sequence run

H2G1 Portable Hydrogen Generator

H2G1 Portable Hydrogen Generator
H2G1 Portable Hydrogen Generator

• Easily fill the RHEK reversible hydrogen electrode kit with hydrogen
• Compact & easily handling


There are various research subjects using electrochemical methods such as basic research on solar cells and fuel cells, electrochemical biosensors, and electrochemical high sensitivity analysis.
ALS will support your research from various angles with the know-how and support system we have cultivated up to now, and the industry-leading electrochemical measurement equipment.
Electrochemistry & Spectroelectrochemistry

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