SK-2 Electrochemical accessories kit (cat#013225)

★ After that, just select the reference electrode ★

SK-2 Electrochemical accessories kit

In Electrochemical accessories kit, you will find almost all accessories that you need for start your Electrochemical measurement.
Electrochemical accessories kit contains four items. For the start of your measurement, you need only to complete with reference electrode and electrochemical analyzer.

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PK-3 Electrode Polishing kit to refresh the working electrode surface for CV and Flow cell. SVC-3 Voltammetry cell consist of 4 kinds of product - Platinum counter electrode - Sample vials - Teflon cap - Gas purging tube. Platinum electrode - can be used in a organic solvent Glassy carbon electrode - Chemically stable electrode with its relatively large potential window.
  1. PK-3 Electrode polishing kit is a polishing kit to refresh the working electrode surface for CV/Flow cell.
  2. SVC-3 Voltammetry cells consist of four kinds of product: Platinum counter electrode, Sample vials (7 pcs), Teflon cap and Gas purging tube.
  3. Platinum working electrode is a conventional electrode, which has hydrogen adsorption wave, used for H2O2 and oxides detection.
  4. Glassy carbon working electrode is chemically stable electrode despite its relatively large over-potentials to oxygen and hydrogen evolutions.

Catalog No. Description Quantity
013225 SK-2 Electrochemical accessories kit
No. Components
1 013223 PK-3 Electrode Polishing kit 1
2 012669 SVC-3 Voltammetry cell 1
3 002013 PTE Platinum electrode OD: 6.0 mm; ID: 1.6 mm 1
4 002012 GCE Glassy carbon electrode OD: 6.0 mm; ID: 3.0 mm 1

Reference electrode

Reference electrodes are widely used as:
• electrochemical measurements (CV, LSV, DPV, etc.)
• electrochemical devices (detectors for HPLC, biosensor, etc.)

Various kinds of them such as aqueous, nonaqueous, calomel
and own-constructing types are available.
• Ag/AgCl type [Aqueous reference electrodes]
• Ag/Ag+ type [Non Aqueous reference electrodes]
• Calomel Standard reference electrode
• Reference electrode for alkaline solution
• Reversible Hydrogen Electrode

∗Keep the reference electrode in a cold dark place.

The reference electrode can be selected by the sample to be measured.

Practical accessories

RE-PV / Cell holder
Catalog No. Description purpose
012108 RE-PV Preservative vial for Reference electrode For reference electrode storage
001209 Cell holder for 20 mL vial Prevent cell turn over

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