Radial Flow Cell

Radial Flow Cell Kit
Flow schematic digram for Radial flow cell
The wall jet of the sample, after hit in to the surface of the electrode, spreads in three dimensions. After hitting the sample on a thin layer electrode directly, it flows to the perimeter from the center of the radiated electrode, improving the sensitivity.

Working electrodes for flow cell are mounted on blocks of PEEK. This resin protects the electrodes from external noise and allows researchers to utilize them regardless the content of mobile phase of HPLC because of their hard, organic solvent-resistance. Glassy carbon is usually chosen for the redox reaction study on liquid chromatography. Platinum, Gold, Carbon paste and Nickel electrodes are utilized for special purposes. Thin Layer Cell has been used as a electrode for research such as flow injection analysis (FIA) and the HPLC.

Catalog No. Description
012799 Radial flow cell

Note: Working electrode, reference electrode, gasket and connector leads (012912 0.04" Single lead connector (2pcs)) are sold separately.

Radial Flow Cell Structure

Radial Flow Cell Structure

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Radial Flow Cell is developed for microbore chromatography. Its detecting efficiency will improve when flow rate is 10 µL/min or lower. This flow cell consists of thin layer electrode and symmetric design.

Catalog No. Description Size
Working electrode
001016 Glassy Carbon electrode dia. 6 mm
(single type),
Size: 25 x 25 mm
010941 Copper electrode
012124 Glassy Carbon electrode dia. 3 mm
(single type),
Size: 25 x 25 mm
009908 Platinum electrode
011155 Gold Electrode
000999 PFCE Carbon electrode
010251 Carbon Paste electrode (*)
012817 Dummy block for flow cell

(*) 001010 CPO Carbon paste oil base (1 g) is sold separately.
Note that the carbon paste is not filled up.

Radial Flow Cell Contents
Item Material Quantity
Radial Flow cell block PEEK*1 1
Flow cell base block POM*2 1
Screw for base block SUS*3 2
Screw for arm SUS 2
Flow cell arm SUS 2
Stainless plate for clamp SUS 1
Clamp SUS 1
Stainless pipe 5 cm SUS 1
Fitting PEEK PEEK 3
Silicon tube Si 2 cm
Silicon tube Si 28 cm
Teflon tube (for inlet) ETFE 30 cm
Teflon tube (for outlet) ETFE 80 cm

∗1 Polyether-ether-ketone
∗2 Polyacetal resin
∗3 Stainless Used Steel

Catalog No. Description Size
Reference electrode
013488 RE-3VT Reference electrode screw type (Ag/AgCl)
013850 RE-7VN Non Aqueous reference electrode screw type
001146 TG-2MR Teflon Gasket 12 µm; 4 pcs
001147 TG-5MR Teflon Gasket 25 µm; 4 pcs
001148 TG-6MR Teflon Gasket 50 µm; 4 pcs
012802 TG-8MR Teflon Gasket 100 µm; 4 pcs
001192 TG-11MR Silicon Gasket 500 µm; 4 pcs
001193 TG-12MR Silicon Gasket 1000 µm; 4 pcs
Optional items
012198 Counter electrode for Flow cells
001031 Radial Flow cell block
001535 1/16" PEEK tubing ID: 0.12 mm L: 3 m
001531 1/16" PEEK tubing ID: 0.25 mm L: 3 m
004130 Fitting PEEK (10pcs)
012912 0.04" Single lead connector (2 pcs)
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