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BAS Electrochemical Webinar 2023 Spring

BAS Electrochemical Webinar 2023 Spring

BAS held the sixteenth webinar, it was the fifth lecture in the field of coordination chemistry and electrochemistry, introduced by Prof. Masa-aki Haga, from Chuo University.

Theme of the webinar

Coordination Chemistry and Electrochemistry
5. Rotating ring/disk electrode and Spectroelectrochemistry Part 4

Topic of the webinar

In this webinar, few additions and case study about the rotating disk voltammetry first and, followed by spectroelectrochemistry was introduced.

The last four lectures have focused on electrochemical measurements, mainly cyclic voltammetric methods and interpretation of obtained CV data in terms of electrode reaction mechanisms.
In the last class, voltammetry using a rotating ring/disc electrode, which is a steady state method, was introduced.
As part one, to entend the rotating disk electrode applications and introduce several case studies in more detail, then the spectroelectrochemical methods, which is the synchronization between electrochemistry and spectroscopy methods, was explained.

Watch here what happened at the BAS Electrochemical Webinar 2023 Spring


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