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BAS Electrochemical Webinar 2021 Autumn

BAS Electrochemical Webinar 2021 Autumn

BAS held the seventh webinar, it was the second lecture of introduction in the spectroelectrochemistry (SEC) field.
In the lecture, there was a brief review from the BAS Electrochemical Webinar 2021 January, followed by the topic of the second lecture in the spectroelectrochemistry field.

Theme of the webinar

Introduction of application examples of spectroelectrochemistry

Topic of the webinar

The characteristics of SEC and the strengths of this method over traditional electrochemical methods will be presented.
Then, several typical SEC methods, classified as transmission, reflection, and excitation by the light incidence, will be presented.
Also, we will show several application examples using optically transparent electrochemical (OTE) cell and optically transparent thin-layer electrochemical (OTTLE) cell, to demonstrate what kind of research the SEC methods have been used for.

In addition, in the future webinar, we will introduce several application using our spectroelectrochemical cell and spectrometer system, showing you how the OTE and OTTLE cell are used.

Watch here what happened at the BAS Electrochemical Webinar 2021 Autumn


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