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BAS Electrochemical Webinar 2022 June

BAS Electrochemical Webinar 2022 June

BAS held the eleventh webinar, it was the third lecture of introduction in the spectroelectrochemistry (SEC) field, presented by Dr. Guihua Jiang, from Technical Support Department.

Theme of the webinar

Introduction of spectroelectrochemical measurement procedure using ALS spectroelectrochemical cell and spectrometer system.

Topic of the webinar

In this lecture, actual measurement procedure in detail was showed. The process of preparing samples, assembling thin-layer cells, setting up hardware and software, performing and storing measurements, and analyzing measurement results.
In addition, measurement example using the stopped-flow type cell for a sample with high absorbance was introduce.
In the explanation the ALS spectroelectrochemical (SEC) cell and spectrometer system was used, however it can used as a basis for the spectroelectrochemical measurement.

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BAS Electrochemical Webinar

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