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(Discontinued) SEC2000 Spectrometer system application and maintenance movies

Explanation movies performed using the Discontinued SEC2000 Spectrometer system, for the general setup of SEC-2F Spectroelectrochemical flow cell, including application example.
In addition, maintenance movie for the SEC2000 Spectrometer system.

Movie contents

  • SEC-2F General Setup
  • SEC-2F Connection of syringe pump
  • SEC-2F Demonstration guide
  • SEC2000-DH bulb replacement

  • SEC-2F:Setup
  • SEC-2F:Connection
  • SEC-2F:Demonstration
  • SEC2000-DH

SEC-2F General Setup

SEC-2F Spectroelectrochemical flow cell


  • Thin-layer cell measurement (when using 100 um gasket)
  • Sample exchange and reproducibility of the data
  • Carbon electrode and ITO electrode can be used
  • Measurement using degassing sample by pull mode
  • Direct set to SEC2000 Spectrometer

download.Download the SEC-2F General Setup movie

SEC-2F Connection of syringe pump

Explanation movie for the syringe pump (not available for sale) connection to the SEC-2F Spectroelectrochemical flow cell.

download.Download the SEC-2F Connection of syringe pump movie

SEC-2F Demonstration guide

Introduction of a simple demonstration of the SEC-2F Spectroelectrochemical flow cell application.
After setting the reference with distilled water, flow cell was flushed with green → yellow → red → blue sample, in order, and last, the distilled water was flushed again.
The instantly change of the absorption spectrum was confirmed according to the sample suction and change.

Application of the SEC-2F

  • Application to stopped-flow analysis
  • Flow system constant sample monitoring

download.Download the SEC-2F Demonstration guide movie

SEC2000-DH bulb replacement

SEC2000-DH bulb replacement will explain how to change the bulb and how to check and adjust the intensity of the light.

download.Download the SEC2000-DH bulb replacement movie

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