6. Operation

Remote Control:

The remote connectors of RRDE-3A control rotation and gas purge functions by an external unit. The RRDE-3A is designed to be controlled by the appropriate commands from the potentiostats. When it does not use, make sure that power is turn out. These functions are activated either by a TTL signal or from any other controllers.

Main area picture of electrode assemblies in RRDE-3A
Figure 6.1 Main area picture of electrode assemblies in RRDE-3A
Each connector is connected properly with each electrode, and make sure that its electrical connection is confirmed.

Ring or disk working electrode lead connection
Figure 6.2 Ring or Disk working electrode lead connection
No.1 is disk electrode and No.2 is ring electrode. Each electrical connection is completely independent.

Placement of the front panel components in RRDE-3A:

1. Digital rpm display
2. rpm LED: The LED is flushing when speed control is turned on for sample vial,either remotely or manually
3. Rotation speed (Set, Local, Remote) switch
4. Digital switch to set rotation speed (X10)
5. Purge LED: The LED is flushing when gas purge is turned on for sample vial, either remotely or manually
6. Gas purge (Set, Local, Remote) switch
7. Digital switch to set purge time
8. Gas purge control knob
9. Motor shaft assembly
10. Counter electrode
11. Reference electrode
12. Teflon cap
13. Working electrode
14. Glass cell vial
15. Silicon sheet
16. Base plate

Names of the front componnts in RRDE-3A
Figure 6.3 Front components in RRDE-3A

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